2 june 2018

Getting around Thailand. Planes, buses, trains, taxi to Phuket

Thailand is an exotic country, and its resorts attract more and more people each year. But what to do if a tourist has arrived to Bangkok, and not to some paradise island?

Thailand is an exotic country, and its resorts attract more and more people each year. But what to do if a tourist has arrived to Bangkok, and not to some paradise island?

The distance between Bangkok and Phuket makes around 700 km. You can get to this island in a few different ways – by airplane, with a normal bus, or with a car.

Getting around Thailand

Our experience tells you should not use transfer services in Thailand, because they are very expensive. There is no need to use a ferry as well, because this island is very close to the land part of the island, and is connected to it with a bridge. There is also a good flight connection in this direction, which is probably a good option for you if time and comfort are your main priorities.

By plane

The price of one way flight varies between $50 and $130, and flights are scheduled daily. AirAsia provides reduced prices for the tickets, and many passengers choose this company. Meal plan is not included in the price of a ticket, but we assume it won’t be a big trouble for just one-hour flight. Passengers with small luggages will also be happy, as luggage is paid separately. Thus, ticket with no meals and luggage may cost as low as $30 when purchased in advance. One thing you should remember is that international flights are carried out from the international airport, and domestic flights usually fly from the other airport. So, you will need to make a transfer between the airports. Remember to add its price to your budget and to leave enough time for it. Plus, of course, you should book the flights in advance. In high season the flights are fully booked, so take care about your time and resources.

By train

Direct train connection is inexistent between Phuket and Bangkok. Having selected this option, you will need to take a ticket from Hua Lamphong city to Phun Phin, which is located in Surat Thani province. There you will need to take a bus or a car for getting to your destination. Overall, travel time will take you 11-14 hours, and the price of travel will be around $35.

By bus

Getting by bus is the cheapest way of local transportation between Bangkok and Phuket. Local buses have conditioners, and you will find a dozen of buses on a schedule every day. Travelling by bus will take you 13 hours and $20 - $30, depending on the class you have selected. We need to say, this option is quite popular among the tourists; bus tickets can be booked at 12GoAsia website.

By car

Whether you go by bus or drive a car – the road is the same for everyone, with its traffic jams and elephants in the middle of the road. In the most optimistic count, the road will take you up to 11 hours. The price of rental starts at $30 per day, plus, you will need to pay the deposit of $300, and of course, the fuel. You also need to know that some companies take charges when you return the car back.

Taxi services and Internet transfer

Ordering online transfer is quite a comfortable way: you will be met at the airport; they will take care of your luggage, and take you to your destination with a car. This way is quite nice, because you don’t need to take care of anything, but it’s more expensive than getting around with a public transport. Comparing the time you will spend for it and the prices, we’d advise you to take a flight.

Renting a scooter

One of the unexpected ways in Thailand may be renting a scooter. It will cost you $5 - $10 usd per day. If you are at ease driving it, it can be an awesome option. Although, remember that you will have to ride on the left side of the road! And please, be careful, for Thailand has bad fame with its big number of fatal road accidents.

Have a nice vacation in Thailand!