Rent of yachts in Phuket is a great opportunity to make your vacation unique and unforgettable.

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Lagoon 400 S2
ноябрь 2013 года € 510 € 810 € 1 200 € 1 010 € 810
Lagoon 450
ноябрь 2013 года € 690 € 990 € 1 540 € 1 290 € 990


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Lagoon 620
2011 года 220,000 бат 22,000 евро


High-class luxury vacation on a snow-white yacht cutting through coastal waters of Phuket Island, a refreshing cocktail in your hand and picturesque exotic landscapes surrounding you – nowadays this all can become a reality. Moreover, you don’t have to spend fabulous sums on the trip. To organize much anticipated vacation at the sea and sail on a beautiful yacht away from hustle and bustle, plan everything thoroughly in advance.  Renting yachts in Phuket today is quite a popular entertainment which can be both luxury and expensive and of economy class. First of all, you have to decide on what you expect from a boat tour and why you want to go boating.

Where to go on a yacht?

Sailing in the open sea for the first time, it is very important to choose a yacht properly. Think carefully in advance where and why you want to go. It is one thing if you are planning, for example, a one-day boat tour and another if you are going to sail for a few days. In the latter case comfortable sleeping accommodations aboard the yacht are required.

Renting yachts in Phuket nowadays is popular first of all thanks to such entertainment as:

  • fishing. Such abundance and variety of marine life as in coastal waters of Phuket is rare to find so a good haul is guaranteed;
  • diving. Phuket is a real divers’ Mecca. Extraordinary beautiful coral reefs and mysterious grottos attract  a huge number of  underwater world explorers from all over the world;
  • swimming. Many go on a sailing trip to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy picturesque views and swim in peace and quiet.

Phuket is surrounded by small islands with wonderful sand beaches and unique nature. Going on an exciting sailing trip on a modern comfortable yacht gives the opportunity to assess all this splendor and beauty.

Phuketrentmix is a handy service extremely helpful in planning your trips. We offer attractive conditions of yacht rentals and provide a detailed consultation for our clients. Find a wide range of vessels at reasonable prices in the electronic catalogue on our website and make your vacation unforgettable!