14 june 2018

Is it safe to make a plastic surgery in Thailand?

In Phuket, tourists can perfectly combine rest, breast augmentation and post-operative rehabilitation. This operation is popular among visitors...

In Phuket, tourists can perfectly combine rest, breast augmentation and post-operative rehabilitation. This operation is popular among visitors.

Plastic surgeons in Thailand are by right one of the best in the world. Very many of them have academic degrees, they teach at universities in America and Europe, they have long working experience. It's no secret that foreigners prefer local medical institutions because the service is excellent, and the specialists-doctors are highly qualified, and there is no language barrier, since the specialists communicate remarkably in English and other languages.

Excellent care in the postoperative period, sterility and cleanliness in wards, anonymity and pleasant prices attract here those who want to remove scars, fix the shape of the nose, enlarge the chest, etc. Not yet arriving in the country can choose a package of medical services, as hospitals in Thailand are taking all the formalities on themselves. They draw up documents themselves, provide chambers of luxury, which can only be compared with the numbers of five-star hotels.

Bangkok Phuket Hospital, Phuket Plastic Surgery Clinic are leading in the field of plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery. These clinics provide a range of cosmetic surgery and recovery procedures.

Medical centers in Phuket are equipped with all the latest developments in the field of plastic surgery, excellent equipment that meets all world standards, modern operating, light and comfortable wards and cabinets. Polite hospital staff creates the most comfortable conditions for patients.

Medical tourism has been developing especially rapidly since 2003. To date, more than a million tourists are traveling here, to medical centers and private clinics. Packages with the services of Thai cosmetic surgeons are growing at an unprecedented pace. Many rational Russians, having calculated the cost of such operations in their homeland and in Phuket, decide on the operation in Thailand.

One of the main reasons can be called cost, since in Russia the price for plastic surgery is higher not less than 40%. Medical services in Thailand are at a higher level, and sterility is beyond doubt. In Europe or America, such operations are affordable only for the provided contingent. In Phuket, the most optimal combination of price and quality.

The company that organizes such a trip contacts the clinic in Phuket on the eve and transfers the extracts from the medical history, after which the place and time of the procedure are appointed.

Only a few weeks in Thailand, foreigners have time to undergo an operation and undergo rehabilitation.

They return home rested, tanned with significantly enlarged breasts, what attracts the admiring glances of men.