19 june 2018

Discover Phuket Destinations: Best Thailand Party Destinations

Are you planning your next trip? Maybe you want so visit new, exotic place to celebrate New Years Eve? Then Phuket is a place for you...

Are you planning your next trip? Maybe you want so visit new, exotic place to celebrate New Years Eve? Then Phuket is a place for you.

The best time, to travel there, with best weather is from the 1st November till 1st April. The raining season starts from May till October.

Phuket, previously known as Talang, is the biggest Thailand island, located on the western shore of Thailand, in Andaman sea, in Indian ocean. Two bridges on the north side of island, connect it with land. Phuket means high land, which is exactly what you see when you look at it from a distance.

Phucket is heavenly island, with beautiful tropical sunsets, silky white sand beaches, and warm sea.

It's a great place to go spend your honeymoon, or to celebrate New Years Eve. Phuket residents are known for their hospitality, and pricing of accommodation is more that acceptable. It is also fairly easy to reach phucket. There are several flights per day, coming out of Bankok, and the flights cost about 20$. If you're not a big fan of flying, you can reach Phuket by train. There is a railway connection between Phuket and Bangkok.

Phucet has something for everyone. Weather it is raining or the sun is shining. You can always find something to do. Phuket has a lot of natural and cultural sights.

You can find beaches with barely any visitors, just for yourself, with no stores or restaurants. Or you can find highly visited beaches, with beach bars, restaurants, and stores.

Phuket offers surreal night life, long beaches, road trips to nearby islands, elephant rides, swings high up on the palm trees above the water, and much more.

Why should you travel to Phuket?

  • Great destination to get away from winter(snow)
  • Heavenly beaches
  • Affordable prices
  • Cheap flights
  • Accommodations from 9$ per night
  • Beautiful sea and diversity of water sports
  • Beach parties and night life
  • Exotic destinations

Most famous islands are James bond island, Maya bay, and Phi Phi islands.

Going backwards, Phi Phi islands, which make 6 islands, and also Maya bay, are known from Leonardo DI Caprio's move 'The Beach', which was perfectly chosen for its beauty.

James Bond island, became famous after a James Bond movie, ‘A man with the Golden gun' was shot over there.

Around December, people from all around the world begin to gather on Puket beaches to celebrate New Year's Eve.

You can bring your own fireworks and drinks and join mass parties, some of the beaches have organized music, or you can bring your own. Some of the best beaches are Patong beach, Kamala, Kata, Karon, etc.

Other option is to celebrate in beach club, with worlds best Djs and cocktails. Some of the most popular beach clubs are Cafe Del Mar Phuket, Paradise Beach Club, Catch Beach club etc.

You can join the street carnival on Bangla road, that has a lot of clubs and bars, with loud music, drinks flowing, and big crowds. When it comes to night clubs, on Bangla road, they often have themed parties, so check them out and prepare yourself. Some of the most popular clubs are Illusion,  Seduction, and etc.

For gay population, and those who have different orientation, there is Paradise Plaza. A place similar to Bangla road, great to Celebrate New Year's Eve.

Also, many hotels will have special offers, with gala dinners and parties.

In all, weather you are looking for serene place to rest and explore nature and different cultures, or you want to celebrate New year's Eve, and run away from winter and snow, Phuket should definitely be on your bucket list.