To fully enjoy splendid nature of Thailand, rent a house in Phuket and dive into the unique atmosphere of this island

Rental period:
Beach distance:
Holiday dates:
160 $ /day
Minimum rental period: 7 days
4 4   4 8 ID1121
88 $ /day
Minimum rental period: 5 days
2 1   2 4 ID1106
27 $ /day
Minimum rental period: 180 days
2 1   1 4 ID1030
20 $ /day
Minimum rental period: 180 days
1 1   1 2 ID1029
51 $ /day
Minimum rental period: 30 days
3 3   3 6 ID1004
33 $ /day
Minimum rental period: 30 days
1 1   1 2 ID1001
24 $ /day
Minimum rental period: 90 days
2 1   2 4 ID985
29 $ /day
Minimum rental period: 30 days
2 1   1 4 ID968
91 $ /day
Minimum rental period: 14 days
3 3   3 5 ID944
79 $ /day
Minimum rental period: 14 days
3 3   3 6 ID927
21 $ /day
Minimum rental period: 30 days
2 1   2 4 ID926
26 $ /day
Minimum rental period: 90 days
2 2   2 4 ID174
44 $ /day
Minimum rental period: 180 days
346 м² 3 3   4 7 ID853
51 $ /day
Minimum rental period: 180 days
345 м² 3 3   4 6 ID851

When planning a vacation in Thailand, find and reserve a proper accommodation in advance. To a large extent the choice must be conditioned by duration of the planned trip as well as by the fact whether you go on holiday alone, with family or large group of friends. Your financial resources are also an important aspect. If you plan to go to Thailand, namely to a sunny island of Phuket, familiarize yourself with the property offered by Phuketrentmix service.

Renting a house in Phuket is the best option for a long-term vacation with the family and children or company of friends. In order to make your holidays as comfortable and pleasant as possible, first of all study and analyze the real estate market of the island. Choosing a house in Phuket requires a particular responsibility if you are going to spend here more than a month.

Advice on how to choose a house in Phuket

In order to rent a good house in Phuket, you’ll have to study a number of offers. Here are some useful advice on how to rent a house in Phuket for a month and more:

Benefits of rent via Phuketrentmix service

Phuketrentmix service gives a unique opportunity to rent a house in Phuket at a reasonable price. All offers on our website have been carefully selected. We offer house rentals in a wonderful sunny location with the best value for money.

Among other benefits of renting houses through our service are:

We are glad to offer you a wide selection of houses in Phuket getting acquainted with which you can on our company’s website. A handy electronic catalogue contains a lot of proposals on rent of various types of accommodations so everyone will be able to choose an optimal option and as a result get ideal conditions for the holidays.

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Everything during your holidays have to be perfect:

airport transfer, resort, and even prepayment.

Free airport transfer

Our driver will meet you at the airport with a sign. If you would like, on the way to resort, he will stop near the bank to exchange currency, or market for shopping.

We prepare property before your arriving

Our manager personally will visit your accommodation. You do not have to wait until staff will fix some problems in your room. That’s why first few hours after flight, you will spend in Thailand with comfort.

Prepayment 100%? Excluded

We don’t work with resorts or property owners which require 100% prepayment for booking. It means that, final payment only after check in and when you are satisfied.

How it works

You send request to us. Within 1 hour we will call you back to discuss details.
You make prepayment, start from 20%, from total rental price, and sign a rent agreement with the owner of the property or resort manager.
In anticipation of perfect holidays you are flying on a comfortable Boeing over the ocean.
We meet you at the airport with a sign.
English-speaking representative of our company is waiting for you, to provide comfortable check in.
You make the final payment and sign rental agreement from your side.
Enjoy your time full of happiness, resting at Phuket!