Rent of a Bungalow by the Sea at a Reasonable Price

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  • Rent from 6 month
  • Rent period: 29.05 - 30.05.2024
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So that your holidays go perfect and are not clouded by unexpected problems, choose and rent proper accommodations in advance. Many prefer to stay in hotels but this is only suitable if you come to the resort for about two weeks. If, however, you go off on a journey with a family or company and plan to spend more than twenty days in Thailand, renting a bungalow in Phuket is just for you. A separate kitchen, bathroom and other amenities, not available in many local hotels, make this accommodation suitable to spend holidays with small children. Besides, a bungalow by the sea in Phuket away from noisy tourist areas also helps to save money. Our Phuketrentmix service offers a wide selection of such properties at the best prices.

Peculiarities of bungalow rental in Phuket

Today you can rent a bungalow in Phuket with different conveniences which include pool, garage, several bedrooms, cleaning service, TV and other. The rent in this extraordinary beautiful place is characterized by a number of peculiarities:

  1. First of all it should be noted that the price for accommodations depend on several factor such as:
    • distance to the beach, tourist center and local attractions;
    • season when you plan to come to Phuket;
    • duration of rent: the longer you rent, the more profitable the deal will be.
  2. The amount depends directly on the offered conditions: with or without pool, sea view or no sea view.
  3. The building can be detached or located in the same territory with other houses, have a common pool.

You can rent a bungalow in Phuket via Phuketrentmix, a handy service allowing choosing an optimal accommodation on the island and booking it. On our website you will find an electronic catalogue with a wide range of proposals for real estate in Phuket. Each item is accompanied by high quality photographs and short information. We offer a convenient form of communication thanks to which you can ask our consultant your questions. Familiarize yourself with our selection visiting Phuketrentmix website.